Learning Management System

  • Employee Training
  • Corporate Education
  • Sales-Force Training
  • CRM
  • Enhance Training Efficiency

Our Clients
Used by more than 1 Million people in various fields and industries in Japan

Case Study

Features of LearnO

  • Reduce Cost

    Starting with Zero initial cost.
    Subscription for only One month is also available.
    Lowest price E-learning platform in Japanese industry.
    Seven Bank Co., Ltd. reduced the annual employee training cost by more than 80%.

  • Smart Operation Screen

    Even the first time users can use it smoothly and easily because of it’s UX & UI design.
    You can use it on your computers, tablet, or smartphone.
    Learners can revise on their smartphone while commuting & are motivated with Gamification support.
    Audi Japan Sales Co., Ltd is using for in-house employee and specialized trainings.

  • Deep Analytics

    Facilitate with qualitative and quantitative measurements by log data.
    Centrally manages the submissions and evaluations of the assignments.
    Supervisors keep track of the learners.
    Chubu Rosai is a Nursing College and using LearnO as a supporting tool for technical nursing training.

  • Enhancing Employee Training

    Enables Asynchronous (self-paced) training courses.
    Attractive Automated Communication system for interaction.
    Live streaming with real time training participation.
    Enhanced Training Efficiency and upgrade employee skills.
    “Itadaki" LMS for the life insurance company, we developed a platform for CRM & business know-how for sales-force training.

System’s Security

We are certified by the highest level of security organization in Japan (Privacy Mark) and have paid close attention to security. There has been no security-related incident since the release of the service.
Since important information of customers is registered on LearnO, both in-house and in cooperation with external systems. We have thoroughly focused on physical locking, and authentication management, understanding risks, and took countermeasures, to offer safe-secure and quality training.