LearnO for a solid understanding

Seven Bank Co., Ltd.

Learn Flexibly at your own pace

What are the main reasons for using our Learning Management System? Please tell us the target person, curriculum, scale, etc. as much as possible.

The purpose of using this LMS is to allow employees to receive flexible training at their own seats, to deepen their understanding at their own pace, and to achieve a paperless system. The training includes a wide range of topics such as information management, compliance, system’s risk management, and anti-money laundering. It becomes possible to raise the level of understanding of employees to a certain level by allowing them to take the courses repeatedly until they get a perfect score.

Please give us some first-hand feedback from the users who took training courses on LearnO.

In LearnO, students say that it is interesting and motivating to see their own level of achievement because the graphs on the screen after taking the test show a comparison between the student’s overall performance and their own performance. I think that being able to check and understand your own level of understanding is a good motivator for learning.

Please let us know if you have any comments or requests regarding our e-learning system functions or support.

I don’t feel that there is any particular problem with the manual or question handling, but I think that it would be more flexible to create and manage multiple administrators and administrative privileges. In addition to groups for all employees and departments, we also have a number of “project teams,” which are formed by groups of supporters, led by the originators of the ideas. I would like to be able to use an e-learning system to make it easier for such teams to share the knowledge they need.


【FIELDインタビュー】汎用性の一歩先を考える パートナー企業様とのインタビューを通して、eラーニングの今後を考える弊社メディア「FILED」でも、ご利用状況やeラーニングシステムに求めることについてもお話しを伺い、紹介しています。


私たちは、 eラーニングのコンシェルジュを目指しています。