The number of students has increased because you can study at any time and in any place!

Honzou Yakuzen Gakuin

Online classroom / communication classroom

What are the main reasons for using our Learning Management System? Please tell us the target audience, curriculum, scale, etc. as much as possible.

For users who are unable to attend regular school due to time constraints, geography, or family reasons. We offer them two types of classes: online classes and correspondence classes (where we send the study material for opted courses). We are still very small at the moment, with only 14 students, but we hope that the number of students will gradually increase in the future.

What were the reasons for opting for the customized learning management system for your organization?

LearnO provides the customer support to confirm how to arrange the teaching materials, how to set up the tests, and the amount to be paid by us. The person in charge explained it to us very clearly, with a high level of customer satisfaction.

The two main reasons are: affordable cost and the explanation of the person in charge of your company (regarding page transitions, usage, etc.).

What changes did you notice after implementing the LearnO LMS?

Initially, we were considering advertising, but due to various circumstances, we can not advertise, and it was only notified through word of mouth, so because of the situation we were not able to use it efficiently. 

However, in terms of usability, the students expressed their delight. We are getting a lot of comments like, “I wanted to study for a long time, I’m glad that I can see it from my mobile phone when I am commuting to work or even when I have a short break”. 

How are the customer support services for the operation of LearnO LMS?

Whenever we find a problem or don’t know how to use it, LearnO’s support team always responds to us by phone or email. It’s been very helpful.

Do you have a function that is popular with users and administrators who take e-learning?

[Student’s point of view]

As I mentioned above, we have heard that students who can’t attend classes at school, now can take classes at home through LearnO, which is what prompted them to apply to this school.


Earlier, there was no communication between students and teachers, it was difficult to track student’s performance. But, now we can track the progress of the student’s learning, can take surveys if students have issues regarding understanding the study content, and other issues. It is very helpful that can be resolved easily now.

Please let us know if you are considering LearnO LMS to use for different purposes as well in the future?

Currently, we are offering online classes for basic courses only. As we have many other graduate courses, we are planning to add more online courses as soon as we have the materials available.

Please feel free to include any other comments or requests for our learning management system’s features and support.

We always ask the LearnO’s support team to consult us by email or phone when we feel like it.

Therefore, there is nothing to comment or request.


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