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Orbis Corporation

Used for professional training in call center operations, コールセンター業務の専門教育に活用

Your organization has been using our e-learning system in your call center for about a year and a half. Can you first tell us about your training at the call center?

We have around 150 people working in the call center, and the number of calls we receive per day fluctuates, but it’s around 1,000 to 3,000. We get calls from general users about our products, new and returning customers asking for help. In a call center, you can’t see what the customer looks like, and your voice is everything. Therefore, we provide group training on everything from vocalization practice to how to talk on the phone and how to speak to customers according to their age. The knowledge of each product, knowledge of beauty, campaigns and promotions, as well as knowledge of each customer’s inquiries and the content that we communicate from here, will be taught to operators through desk training. We use LearnO as our LMS to measure the effectiveness of the training, as a means of establishing the content of the desk-based training and overcoming individual weaknesses.

What made you decide to use our Learning Management System? And what are the reactions of people who have actually used the system?

In our  call centers mostly all employees are women, around the age of 30 to 50, and there are some operators who are working on extended retirements, and many of them are not very good at operating PCs. The reason we decided to use LearnO is that it is easy to use even if you are not good at operating modern internet tools, the screen is easy to understand, the position of the buttons is easy to see, and the color scheme is not too complex. This is where you can quickly adjust to the operation. I have heard from the employees that they can understand operations easily even for the first time users. We asked for a longer test time limit so that we could use it in the spare time, and the system has been improved. It is very convenient because you can do it in your spare time, and you can continue from one place to the next even if you got interrupted.

Please tell us what kind of content you use and how you create the content.

Both desk-based and e-learning training content is produced internally. Sometimes call centers get more busy in a month than a one year span because of sending out new catalogs or receiving more inquiries for events or campaigns held by the organization. While considering the wave of such busyness, we routinely monitor information on events and monitor operator duties. For example, we create content based on issues that need to be considered when dealing with customers, tendencies of questions, and tone of telephone calls. The main content of e-learning content is supplementing and reviewing desk-based training,but there are times when e-learning education is the only way to go, such as during busy periods.

You mentioned that the questionnaire function is very useful, how exactly do you use it?

We use the questionnaire function a lot. There are many face-to-face trainings, and at that time LearnO questionnaire function is easier to manage and use as a record to check the training content rather than on papers. Since, the results can be dropped directly into Excel, there is no need to write the results as in a print form, and it makes results very easy to calculate. The number of man-hours has been significantly reduced by the questionnaire function, including the counting of post-training questionnaires.

As you are using the questionnaire function in addition to e-learning.  What is the response of users?

We  ask our employees to share what they have noticed during customer service on a daily basis in the time between calls. Although it is a descriptive questionnaire, it has become much easier to type as compared to the handwritten submission. In addition, it is now easier to notify all the operators who have different working days and times to participate in training sessions. For example new product trial session, etc. Since you can log in during your free time and answer without worrying about your surroundings, it has become a burden-free form, and the response rate and participation rate have actually increased. These questionnaires are done more frequently and enhance training efficiency.


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