One month’s short term contract allows for zero waste of training!

NIC Corporation

Security education and training for all employees

What are the reasons for using our LearnO LMS? Please tell us the target audience, curriculum, scale, etc. as much as possible.

We’ve been using LearnO for about a month now, in security education and training sessions for all employees.  Videos and comprehension tests are uploaded on security incident prevention and which is conducted by 150 employees through e-learning. We are very thankful for your flexibility in adding features according to our requirements.

What were the reasons for opting for the customized learning management system?

We decided to go with Mogic because it allows us to use the customizable services in a short period (1 month) and with the affordable prices (29,800 yen for 300 people with no initial cost). Moreover, it has the efficiency with which we can import subjects and export test results at once.

What changes did you notice after implementing the  learning management system?

Most of our employees are engineers, and most of them are stationed at our customers’ sites. Until now, employees had to come back to the head office to take security training. But, after introducing the e-learning system, employees can now take the training whenever they want, and the participation rate has increased. In addition, since the screen can be operated intuitively, there are no inquiries about how to use it, which is very helpful to us as administrators.

Are there any features of LearnO that users or administrators appreciate?

From the user’s perspective, the test results and deviation scores will come out after the test is taken, so you can check your level of understanding.

As an administrator, I think it is good that the test results can be exported, so we can use the answer rate and the correct answer rate to analyze issues for the next training.


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