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Audi Japan Sales Co., Ltd

From public knowledge to expert training

What are the reasons for using our Learning Management  System, and how are you using it in a company, in stores and in different departments?

Audi Sales administrators use LearnO once in 3-4 months to assure that important information is being notified to every employee.Moreover, the car maintenance department uses LearnO for “Mechanic Standard” training every month. Using this LMS system you can easily keep track of trainee’s learning process. 

If your department uses our learning management system every month, how do they use it?

At Audi Japan the department that uses LearnO the most is the after-sales department. There are two types of e-learning that we do, one is “reading” assignment and  “mechanical standard”. There is various standard information that all staff members involved in automotive maintenance must know. Every month, we provide reading material for them that can be read in 15 minutes. The deadline is set from the 1st to the 11th of every month, and we keep track on everyone who has completed it and when. 

The other is an enhancement program that allows mechanics to participate in company-wide contests, this one is testing “mechanical standard”. We do it every year which is themed on a specific car model. A couple of months before the contest, detailed information about parts and the photos are uploaded. Then randomly we put out 60 questions at a time from over 600 questions. We think it is effective as a comprehensive review and upgrades their skills.

Could you tell us why you chose to switch to our Learning management system from your previous e-learning system?

There were not any glitches or problems with the old system to use, it’s no surprise that there are basic management features such as course history and grades. But the most important for us was mobile-friendly and cost-effective.

As the after-sales department frequently uses the e-learning platform for necessary information to be read by staff members, and  the primary reason is that it is easy to use on mobile devices such as smartphones. We think we have made it easy to read the 15-minute “Mechanic Standard” every month at a time that is convenient for staff members, whether they are on a break or on commute. In fact, when we looked at the attendance logs on the admin screen, we found that now employees have more options for where and when to read, and we have seen a concrete increase in the number of involvement from time we deliver, we have mostly seen the users around 8am during their commute, or reading on their smartphone during their breaks.

What other changes have you seen since switching to our LMS service?

We gave the user manual at the beginning. But, there are almost no questions about how to use it, I think it’s because you can use it intuitively by pressing one button after another.

There are fewer questions from other administrators. In the past, we used to deal with questions about the system and operational problems, but now it’s easier for each manager to be in direct contact and resolve small issues themselves. Moreover, now we are assured that we will receive a confirmation message for any request or question.

Do you have plans to expand the use of e-learning for internal training in the future?

If you are a new graduate, it would be general education that you do before you are assigned to each department. We are considering whether what we are currently doing in the classroom can be done through e-learning, or whether a template can be created for common education. We also aim to provide the necessary educational content for each department separately.


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